Gas Mixers & Analysers for Food Preservation, Metalworking, Beer with Nitrogen and more

GMMS - Gas Mixer Monitoring System / PGMS - Pure Gas Monitoring System


MANÁGAS® is a manufacturer of gas mixers, gas analyzers (CO2, O2, C2H4, etc.), mass controls, pressure regulators, safety valves, measurement system and data sharing (via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth , Lora, IOT), as well as leak detectors for food packaging.

Our main markets are the food and packaging industry, metal production, cutting, welding, laser, glass manufacturers and special gas installation companies.

Always innovating and offering quality products, the Company has risen yet another level in the level of excellence offered to its customers.

For example, in the food industry, our gas mixing technology allows exponentially extending the shelf life of products, ensuring that these foods remain fresh and attractive for much longer, without using any additives or preservatives.

Our leak detection solution is also focused on the food industry and its modified atmosphere packaging (MAP – Modified Atmosphere Packing). We use CO2 as a tracking focus for the IR sensor and in this way, the system detects any leakage in the packaging in seconds, enabling quality control for food packaged and preserved in modified atmospheres.

MANÁGAS® gas analyzers are versatile, accurate and generate results quickly. The user can safely measure the concentration of individual gases in the gas mixtures present in packaging with modified atmosphere or other environments. The quality of the MANÁGAS® gas analyzers is a combination of its high quality sensors, simple operation and long service life. The gas analyzers can be used separately or integrated in the MANÁGAS® gas mixers. MANÁGAS® gas analyzers are used to measure the concentrations of Oxygen (O2), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Helium (He), Hydrogen (H2) or Methane (CH4).

In the steel industry, our gas mixers are used in the atmosphere of blast furnaces. In the manufacture of metals, we work for the generation of mixtures of metal shielding gases during the welding process, laser cutting, etc.

Even for the extraction of beer/beer, we have developed a gas mixer that optimizes this process. Cheers !!!!


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