Gas mixers for draft beer with nitrogen, food preservation, cutting and welding, among others

Alarm and Monitoring for Special and Industrial Gases

High Pressure Panel, Manifolds and Pressure Regulators for Specialty Gases


MANÁGAS® is a manufacturer of gas mixers, high pressure panels, manifolds, pressure regulators for special gases and applications for gas alarms and monitoring – remote visual inspection.

We also provide services for specialty gas installations.

Our main markets are the food and packaging industry, metal production, cutting, welding, lasers, glass manufacturers and specialty gas installation companies.

Always innovating and offering quality products, the company has taken the level of excellence offered to its customers to the next level.


Our gas alarm and monitoring system has been developed to make it easier to control the consumption of gases contained in high-pressure cylinders, so that the user knows at any time what is happening in the gas chamber or in the pipes for each type of gas, without having to go to the site and check each pressure gauge.

For example, in the food industry, our gas mixing technology makes it possible to extend the shelf life of products exponentially, ensuring that these foods remain fresh and attractive for much longer, without the use of any additives or preservatives.

In metal fabrication, we work to generate metal protection gas mixtures during the welding process, laser cutting, etc.

Even for the draft beer dispensing, we have developed a gas mixer that optimizes this process.