Gas Mixer for Welding
Proportional gas mixer - Inlet: 2 gases/Outlet: from 0 to 100% content adjustable gas mixing output

Welding Gas Mixer - MIG (GMAW) Welding Process

Reduce Welding Cost with customized gas mixtures


Depending on the volume of gas mixtures used, generating your own customized gas mixture represents significant monthly savings, reducing the cost of the final product and increasing competitiveness

Dynamic gas mixer for mixing two gases, with adjustment of the gas concentration from 0 to 100%, control of the flow rate and outlet pressure of the gas mixture. Also includes safety valves and sintered filters for the mixer inlet doors.

Suitable for welding, plasma cutting, laser cutting, steel/metal processing, offshore, shipbuilding, and other segments where the proper gas mixture is an important factor to guarantee quality and consistency in the manufacturing process.


Carrier Gas x Balance Gas

Argon (Ar) x Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Argon (Ar) x Helium (He)

Argon (Ar) x Nitrogen (N2)

Argon (Ar) x Hydrogen (H2)

Argon (Ar) x Oxygen (O2)

Nitrogen (N2) x Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Nitrogen (N2) x Helium (He)

Nitrogen (N2) x Hydrogen (H2)

Nitrogen (N2) x Oxygen (O2)

Air x Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Air x Oxygen (O2)

Gas Mixing Range

From 0 to 100% according to ISO 14175

Mixing Accuracy (ISO 14175)

+/- 0.5% for 1 – 5% by volume

+/- 10% to 5 – 20% by volume

+/- 2% to> 20% by volume

Mixing Output Flow Rate

0.72 to 12.3 m³/h – (12 – 205 L/min) (in Nitrogen)

Maximum Inlet Pressure

20 bar

Difference between Inlet Pressure

2.5 bar between the inlet gases

Outlet Pressure

From 0.75 to 8 bar

Input and Output Port


Dimensions and Weight


170 (mm)


160 (mm)


150 (mm)


4 kg