Nitrogen for Beer

Dispense your beer perfectly and consistently

Gas blender for beer dispensing


MANÁCHOPP® MONO is a gas blender for draft beer dispensing, which combines CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) e N2 (Nitrogen) with great gas mixture accuracy (+/- 1%). It generates one constant and pre adjusted gas mixture.

Main benefits are:

– Highest quality from every pint of beer pulled out of the keg;
– Provide the right ratio of gas mixture (CO2/N2) to push draft beer and at the same time, protect the beer integrity from the keg to the glass;
– Avoid beer waste and increase profit – the right gas mixture can push up to 95% of a beer keg volume;

Misturador de Gases para Cerveja e Chopp


Each draft beer style needs a specific gas blend to maintain its original characteristics, flavor and taste.

Chopp com Nitrogênio - Maior e Menor concentração de CO2 e N2

Gas mixtures examples (*):

Gas mixture 1 – 60% de CO2 e 40% de N2 – for smooth/cream ales;

Gas mixture 2 – 80% de CO2 e 20% de N2 – for lagers;

Gas mixture 3 – 30% de CO2 e 70% de N2 – for souts or nitrogen beers.

Additional gas mixtures are available according to customers demands

(*) the gas mixture content (the balance between CO2 and N2), must be defined taking into account several key factors, such as different beers styles on taps, pressure required to propel the beer through a draft beer system, the distance between the keg and the tap, liquid temperature, … .

Each beer/draft style needs a specific blend to maintain its original character.

MANÁCHOPP® gas blender enables a customize gas mixture between Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Nitrogen (N2) providing an optimal dispensing conditions and unique beer taste experiences.


Misturador de Gases para Chopp

MANÁCHOPP® gas blender consists of a small metal cabinet, which can be fixed close to the kegs of beer. Very easy to install, safe, does not require electrical power to work, no need for maintenance or any adjustment to start working.

Important Note:

MANÁCHOPP® gas blender must not be connected directly to the gas cylinder without it having a first stage pressure regulator installed. Before using the product it is very important to consult the installation manual, and make sure that the first stage regulator is regulated according to the pressure limits below:

MAXIMUM Inlet Pressure: 10 bar / 150 psi
MINIMUM Inlet pressure: 5 bar / 70 psi